Recreation center "Gusinaya Zavod'" is a complex of buildings consisting of a Central estate and "English" houses.

The base of rest "Gusiniy Zavod "
The base of rest "Gusiniy Zavod " (photo 1)
The base of rest "Gusiniy Zavod " (photo 2)
The base of rest "Gusiniy Zavod " (photo 3)
The base of rest "Gusiniy Zavod " (photo 4)
The base of rest "Gusiniy Zavod " (photo 5)

Holiday houses are located at a short distance from each other. Between them is a platform where you can cook kebabs and sunbathe on Sunny days. On the basis of organized meals focused on rural home-made products, with the possibility of cooking fresh lamb and beef. For fans of extreme recreation are preparing for the passage of routes on hard-to-forest trails on Quad bikes and jeeps, where you can get a good dose of adrenaline, and in the future will be organized by balloon ascents to the bird's eye view can be viewed the beauty of the local landscape.



Slavsky R-n, Mysovka, Pravoberezhnaya st., 15


+7 (921) 619 99 61

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