Czech tavern «U Gasheka».

The Czech tavern "U Gasheka" - filled with the spirit of the works of Jaroslav Gashek, with traditional Czech cuisine and Czech beer.



Leninskiy prospekt, 1


+7 (4012) 91 - 91 - 82

Czech tavern «U Gasheka».
Cuisine: Czech, European.
Menu: hot dishes, soups, salads and snacks, grills, beer snacks, fish, side dishes, traditional Czech cuisine, desserts, beverages.
Average bill: 800 rub.
Every Thursday: at 20:00  "Acoustic Concerts"
From jazz and blues to classical and rock
Every Friday: 19:00 - 21:00
"Taper on the Electro Organ" Favorite Melodies and classics of genres 
Every Saturday: “Retro evenings”
Video program from the best music masterpieces of the past and our century
Every Sunday: from13:30  
Educational master classes for children (free of charge) 15:00 - 17:00  
Playground for music lovers. Vinyl records can be bought, sold or exchanged. 

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