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Address: PL. POBEDY, 1, KALININGRAD (Landmark - shop " Books & books");

Phone: 8 (4012) 67-30-20

Address: PR-T MIRA, 4, KALININGRAD (The building of the Regional Drama Theater)

Phone: 8 (4012) 555-200, 8 (4012) 93-30-36

Phone-fax: +7 4102 555 200


Operating mode

Office on PL. POBEDY, 1: 

Payload.-Fri. 10:00-19:00;

Sat. 11:00-16:00. Sun. output

Office on PR-T MIRA, 4:

Payload.-Fri. 10:00-18:00.

Sat. and Sun. output

Activities of the information centre

The activity of the regional tourism information center is aimed at promoting inbound and domestic tourism in the Kaliningrad region. We help guests of the area to spend time: from selection of tours and excursions to assistance in renting a car.

In addition, we are actively engaged in the organization of the volunteer movement and international cooperation.

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