Restaurants Cafe UKSUS

In the center of the" PARADOX "even the cafe is called paradoxically — "VINEGAR" in the Center of the "PARADOX" even the cafe is called paradoxically - "VINEGAR". Dishes in the author's performance from the new chef, affordable prices, nice interior and stylish presentation, as well as a collection of gastronomic vinegars!". 

Restaurants Сafe Lounge NIMFA
12.00-24.00 Svetlogorsk

Cafe "Nimfa" - located in the heart of the Baltic coast on the promenade in the resort town of Svetlogorsk.

Restaurants "Solnechniy kamen"
12.00-02.00 Kaliningrad

Restaurant "Solnechiy kamen" is located in Rossgarten gate which was saved from Middle Ages and was built in 1705. It is an architectual monument which was a part of old town defense system.

Restaurants Monte Cappuccino

Cafe "Monte Cappuccino" - a modern city cafe with affordable prices, which everyone will love.

Restaurants Delimeal

Delimeal Food Factory is a unique combination of a modern coffee house, a boutique bar, a bakery and a cafe. 

Restaurants Chesnok
500 rub. Kaliningrad

The first restaurant in Kaliningrad of a new type!

The restaurant works on the system FAIR PRICE - HONEST PRICE.

Restaurants Altrimo

Restaurant "Altrimo" - gastronomic cuisine. There are dishes made of freshly caught fish and a unique atmosphere of the National Park "Curonian Spit".

Restaurants Langendorf

The restaurant is located in the castle estate Langendorf and represents all the luxuries of a manor life

Restaurants Forest

A cozy restaurant with shades of nature and an emphasis on local food.

Restaurants Khofburg

The restaurant "Hofburg" is located on the embankment of the Fish Village - a favorite tourist destination. This restaurant is for those who has nowhere to hurry up.

Restaurants Da

The restaurant "Da" is a place, first of all, modern, from the point of view of the atmosphere and the gastronomic offer.

Restaurants Steindamm, 99
1000 Kaliningrad

A place with a history and concept of local cuisine without a mainstream.

"Steindamm, 99" is the concentration of Kaliningrad's mentality in the gastronomic and cultural sense.