Bars Pub "Лондон | London | Kaliningrad City Jazz club".

 "London" is a place for everyone - big companies and families with children, couples and singles, Kaliningrad citizens and tourists.

Pubs Sir Francis Drake
700 Kaliningrad

The legend of 90ies and 2000s with the soul of reckless gangster. It is an English pub. In its menu there are 15 kinds of English, Belgian and German beer.

Restaurants Brewery «Bretsel»

"Bretsel" has its own brewery, producing four types of fresh beer: Heiter, Weizen, Ruby and Schwartz. In the evening, live music plays every day and at any time of the day you can admire the frescoes depicting legends about kings and pirates.

Bars Bar "Pirat House"

The bar with a stylish interior, made in the spirit of the times of great geographical discoveries and pirate journeys, is located in the historical part of the city.

Bars Czech tavern «U Gasheka».

The Czech tavern "U Gasheka" - filled with the spirit of the works of Jaroslav Gashek, with traditional Czech cuisine and Czech beer.

Bars Pub "Kiberda".

Pub "Kiberda" is a place where you can have a good time with friends, watch sports broadcasts, dance and play board games.

Bars Pub "Libeerty"

The Libeerty Pub is much more than just a place for libations: it is the center of social life. Here you can meet friends, compose songs, celebrate holidays, share news.

Bars Bar "Corner Pub".

Bar "Corner Pab" is a comfortable atmosphere and friendly prices.

Bars Bar "Yeltsin".

Bar "Yeltsin" is a bit of industrial design, simple food, a large selection of beer, football broadcasts and table football.

Bars Restaurant-pub "Britannika"

Restaurant-pub "Britannika" is a warm, unforgettable atmosphere of a classic English pub, performed in the best English traditions.

Cafe Bar "Ulitsy"

The bar has a good kitchen - there are burgers, salads, and everything you can get in such a small institution. The bar holds meetings and master classes, in the evenings on Fri and Sat plays a DJ.