Cafes and restaurants Galitskogo street Coffeshop

The first coffee house, which offers either well-known methods or alternative ways of coffee making. They always offer fresh coffee, good music and nice atmosphere.

Cafes and restaurants Coffeshop "Magiya coffee"

There are dishes of european cuisine, large amount of desserts and ice-cream in the menu of "Magiya coffee". Here you are able to have dinner and the price is affordable. Coffeeshop "Magiya coffee" has different discounts for you and in summer time you are able to have a meal outside at comfortable table.

Cafes and restaurants Coffeeshop «BusStation»

Coffeeshop "bus Station" - is a comfortable place where you can try various delicious beverages and desserts. 

Bars Coffee shop "Port-o-coffee"

Port-o-coffe is located in the very center of Kaliningrad near Pobedy Square. The menu includes breakfasts: Belgian waffles, oatmeal, omelets and cheesecakes. There are also several types of sandwiches, bruschetta, burgers and desserts. The bar list is presented as a classic drink. In addition, the cafe held parties.

Cafe Cafe "U bykov"

This is a place where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal at home, meet friends, have lunch with colleagues or business partners. This varied menu and a wide range of daily updated dishes of Russian and European cuisines. Cafe "U bykov" is a modern cafe, a large dining room and designed interior, a convenient location in the heart of the city of Kaliningrad.

Cafe Coffe house "Coffee Hub"

Each Coffee Hub coffee shop should tell a story about coffee values. It will be presented to you through the taste and appearance of drinks, as well as visual images, sounds, smells, atmosphere surrounding our guests.

Cafe "GS Coffeeshop".

GS coffeeshop is truly a new, conceptual institution without analogues in Kaliningrad. Professional barista, freshly roasted coffee, classic and alternative methods of preparation, elite teas, all this is presented in one coffee shop.

Cafe Cofeeshop "Central Perk".

Cafe "Central Perk" will give you a real feeling of taste.

Cafe Coffeeshop "Ne chainaya".

The "Ne chainaya" coffee shop is a cozy, small place where visitors can offer tasty dishes, and the barista will make a cup of aromatic coffee.