Cafe Cheburechnaya on 20th km
700 Kaliningrad

Cafe "Cheburechnaya on 20 th km" is opened in 2002 and over the years has been loved by many residents and guests of the Kaliningrad region.

Cafe Brikas

Cafe of Lithuanian cuisine

Cafe Entertainment center "Rezidentsiya Koroley"
700 Kaliningrad

 Rezidentsiya Koroley is a large-scale and unique entertainment centre for whole family. 

Cafe Cafe "Bо-Bо"

If the smell of freshly baked food makes you hungry, then the Bo-Bo lounge cafe will help to satisfy even a strong appetite.

Cafe Cafe "Damask"

Syria’s Damascus Cafe invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day in the unique atmosphere of Eastern hospitality, taste the best national Syrian dishes, expertly prepared by our chefs, and enjoy the excellent hookah.

Cafe Cafe "Plushkin"

Cafe home cooking "Plyushkin" offers its visitors to plunge into a true gastronomic paradise. Main dish, appetizers, desserts, wine and other drinks - all these can hardly leave anyone indifferent. At your request, the chefs will prepare European dishes. It is also possible to connect to WIFI, order a business lunch, take a child in the game room.

Cafe Cafe "Pelmennitsa"

Bistro "Pelmennitsa" offers visitors dishes in the style of Russian fast food. The bistro menu offers dishes of Russian cuisine, here you can try dumplings with various fillings, soups, salads, hot dishes and sweet desserts.

Cafe Cafe "Povareshka"

Cafe "Povareshka" offers everyone a delicious homemade dishes at affordable prices. Here, large portions, and business lunches can be ordered even on weekends. The kitchen and interior of the Cafe "Povareshka" will be appreciated first of all by students, as well as guests and residents of the city who want to dine at low cost.

Cafe Cafe "Solyanka"

Cafe "Solyanka" opened in Kaliningrad in 1999. Solyanka gained immense popularity among Kaliningrad citizens and guests of the city, and this success is well deserved.

Cafe Cafe "Panda"

In the cafe-pastry network “Panda” there is an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, and the sweet smell of fresh pastry is in the air.

Cafe Bar "Verf"

The shipyard cafe and bar are in the historical part of Kaliningrad. In summer, here is one of the best summer terraces overlooking the Cathedral and the island of I. Kant, surrounded by the Pregolya River.

Cafe Coffeshop "Paluba".

Cafe "Paluba" offers its visitors to plunge into a real gastronomic paradise. If the smell of freshly baked dough makes you hungry, then the Paluba coffee house will help to quench even a strong appetite. In addition to the breathtaking aromas you will find hot coffee, tea, as well as soft drinks.