Russian/local food Restaurant - brewery "Khmel"
12:00-00:00 (Sat-Sun 12:00-02:00) 1000

The restaurant "Khmel" has its own brewery. In the menu there are salads, hot snacks, cold starters, side dishes, meat dishes, fish dishes, desserts, homemade jam, a large bar card.

Prussian and German Restaurant "Zotler"
12:00-00:00 (weekend 12:00-02:00) 800

Atmosphere of a real German restauran. The natural, delicious, fresh Bavarian beer Zötler is brewed at the family brewery Zötler since 1447.

Russian/local food Gastrobar "The Salt"
12:00 - 23:00 1500

The restaurant received the main award of the Pumpernikel 2019 restaurant award from Baltic Broadway magazine.

Prussian and German Czech tavern «U Gasheka».
10.00-02.00 800

The Czech tavern "U Gasheka" - filled with the spirit of the works of Jaroslav Gashek, with traditional Czech cuisine and Czech beer.

Russian/local food Entertainment center "Rezidentsiya Koroley" (King's residence)
12.00-00.00 800

 "Rezidentsiya Koroley" is a large-scale and unique entertainment centre for whole family. 

Bars & Pubs Bar "Dreadnought"
Sun-Thu 12:00-00:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-03:00 800

The legendary English bar Dreadnought - beers from around the world - and popular, and exclusive, and even those that you have never heard of, but must try them.

Bars & Pubs Pub London | Kaliningrad City Jazz club
12.00-00.00 1000

 "London" is a place for everyone - big companies and families with children, couples and singles, Kaliningrad citizens and tourists.

Prussian and German Restaurant & hotel "Nesselbeck"
12:00-00:00 1000

"Nesselbeck" is a medieval knight's castle, skillfully recreated by architects from ancient drawings as an exact copy of the fortress of the Teutonic Order

Bars & Pubs Restaurant-brewery "Kropotkin"
12:00-02:00 500

Kropotkin Brewery is one of the largest institutions in the city. Named in honor of the famous Russian traveler, writer, revolutionary and anarchist theorist Peter Alekseevich Kropotkin.

Prussian and German "Tetka Fisher" (Aunt Fisher)
10:00-00:00 (weekend 12:00-02:00) 750

A popular restaurant of German and European cuisine in Kaliningrad. Located next to the ruins of the Royal Castle and the House of Soviets.

Bars & Pubs Restaurant & Bar "Britannika"
Sun-Thu 12.00 - 01.00,Fri-Sat 12.00 - 03.00 800-1000

"The Britannica" Restaurant and Pub is a warm, unforgettable atmosphere of a classic English pub, performed in the best English traditions.

Prussian and German Restaurant "Reduit"
Sun-Thu: 12:00-00:00 Fri-Sat: 12:00-01:00 800

Since 1996. Reduit was the first restaurant with its own brewery in Kaliningrad. Any variety can be pre-tasted at the bar, as well as take with you.

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