Магазины марципана

In Kaliningrad you can buy a delicious souvenir and please your loved ones with it. It's about marzipan.

Kaliningrad Museum Of Marzipan
Address: ul. BAGRATIONA, 137
Contacts: +7 (911) 494 87 11, www.marzipanmuseum.ru
The marzipan Museum is located in the Brandenburg gate. The tour will take about 20-30 minutes. The Museum has a shop where you can buy marzipan. Sold a variety of: depicting the sights of the city, the author's work, in the form of fish and others.

"The marzipan house"
Address: ul. A. NEVSKOGO, 51Б, Shopping and entertainment center "EUROPA" (1 floor, atrium "MOSKVA"), airport KHRABROVO.
Contacts: 8 (4012) 77 27 75; 8 (4012) 77 27 79 (online store), www.marzipan-shop.ru

"Amber edge"
Address: Confectionery "Panda", " Delicacies 24" (pr-t MIRA, 13), "Prime-Minister" (pl. POBEDY, 24), kiosks " Bookshop" at the airport KHRABROVO
Contacts: +7 (906) 214 61 60,vk.com