Bismarck Towers

Bismarck Towers



Gorino village

Bismarck Towers
Two Bismarck Towers have been preserved: in the settlement of Gorino of the Nemansky District and the settlement of Red hill.

Almost the only surviving tower of objects of this kind in the Kaliningrad region (located in a field not far from the present. Village. Krasnaya Gorka). In honor of the unification of Germany (at the end of the 19th century), in which Otto von Bismarck played a key role, many wealthy landowners, with the support of local administrators, put on their territorial so-called “Bismarck Towers”. They were used as viewing platforms.
The tower in Insterburg was solemnly opened with a large gathering of people on September 7, 1913. Its height is 15 m. A special committee was formed to build the tower in the city. The construction lasted 3 months and cost 8 thousand marks. The project was developed with the participation of members of the city committee for the construction of the Schlichting towers, the contractor was made by the architect E. Kadereit. Internal dimensions 6x6 m. Untreated boulders were used. Bismarck.

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