Zelenogradsk museum of local lore | Villa Max Crell

Zelenogradsk museum of local lore | Villa Max Crell



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Zelenogradsk museum of local lore | Villa Max Crell
The museum building was built at the beginning of the XX century. It belonged to the family of the famous attorney and notary Max Krell. For a long time he was the burgomaster of Memel (now Klaipeda, Lithuania), but, having retired, moved with his family to Kranz.
The villa was built on an individual project. The “cinnamon house” is reminiscent of a Russian tower, but with gothic elements in the upper part. The roof is covered with rare glazed tiles. The building has two entrances. The main entrance was used as an entrance for clients of the notary and law firm M. Krell located on the first floor. The entrance from the courtyard where the tennis court was located was used for personal purposes. The living room and bedroom were heated by fireplaces. A wide staircase led to the second floor where there were two rooms. One housed a servant, the other was given to nieces who spent the summer in Kranz.
For several decades, this building was occupied by the city’s children's library.

The exposition of the museum, located on an area of ​​550 square meters. m., tell about the history of the city and region from ancient times to the present day:

"The era of Roman influence" (I-IV centuries. AD) - archaeological finds that testify to the amber trade of the local population with the Roman Empire and the events that took place on the Sambian Peninsula in the era of the Great Migration.

“Prussians – Sembas of the Viking Age” (IX-XI centuries) - materials from the Prussian and Scandinavian burials of the Viking Age from the nearby burial mound Kaup.

Historical reconstruction "Residents of ancient Kaup".

The collection of materials recreating the appearance and occupation of the Prussian and Scandinavian inhabitants of the Viking commercial settlement of Kaup, which existed in the vicinity of the present city of Zelenogradsk from the beginning of the 9th to the beginning of the 11th centuries. In 2014, it was possible to expand this exposition; the interior of the Prussian dwelling of the Viking era was recreated in a separate room on the 2nd floor.

Middle Ages Epoch:

"Under the rule of the Order" (XIII - XVI centuries) - a collection of materials telling about the life of our region during the rule of the Teutonic Order. In 2014, the exposition was supplemented by a permanent exhibition of unique photographic materials entitled “Themes of fresco paintings on Zamland in the late Middle Ages”.

The history of the new time:

"From the tavern" Kranta - circle "to the fishing villages" are exhibits telling about the history of fishing and the life of the fishing village Kranz.

"Royal resort on the Baltic coast" (XIX - early XX century). Exhibits telling about the history of the Royal Resort Kranz and resort life from the beginning of the XIX century. and before World War II.

“Fights on the Samland Peninsula” (1945). Materials about the battles on the Samland Peninsula during the East Prussian offensive operation and finds from the battlefields in the vicinity of the town of Kranz (now Zelenogradsk).

“From the depths of Russia to the Baltic shores” is a collection of materials and documents, telling about the post-war history of the newly formed Kaliningrad region within the USSR, the formation of Zelenogradsk and Zelenogradsk districts in 1945-1950 and the creation of the federal resort Zelenogradsk.

The museum has an information - tourist center, where you can get tourist information, as well as book tours of the area.

The museum has opened art workshops of the creative association “Art Basement”, interactive classes and master classes for children and adults are held.

Working hours:

10:00 to 18:00, day off - Monday.
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