Museum of the Baltic Fleet

Museum of the Baltic Fleet (photo 1)
Museum of the Baltic Fleet (photo 2)
Museum of the Baltic Fleet (photo 3)
Museum of the Baltic Fleet (photo 4)
Museum of the Baltic Fleet (photo 5)
Museum of the Baltic Fleet (photo 6)

The museum is located in a two-storeyed house which was built in a pseudo-Gothic style in 1903. It used to be the city court of the first instance. The building was heavily damaged during the assault of the town in 1945, but it was reconstructed. The building was transferred to the Baltic Fleet Museum in 1957.

There is a permanent exhibition hall dedicated to the history of the main base of the Baltic Fleet - Baltiysk. The exhibition tells about the history of the Baltic Fleet from the moment it was founded in 1703 to the present.

Among the unique exhibits are: the helm of the imperial yacht 'Polar Star’, the office of Vice-Admiral Makarov, models and objects from the famous ships, documents and items that belonged to the best naval commanders of the Baltic Reet, boarding and firearm, ensigns of military formations and units of the Baltic Reet.



1 Kronshtadtskaya Street


+7 (40145) 6 41 87


10.00-18.00, closed on Monday, Tuesday

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