The castle was founded on the site of the Prussian fortress in 1270. 

Schaaken Castle
The castle was founded on the site of the Prussian fortress in 1270. The castle was intended to defend the coast of the Curonian Lagoon, on the ice of which the Prussian tribes of Skalvians and later of Lithuanians often made their raids. After a powerful raid of the Sklavians in 1277, when Labiau Castle was burned, and Tapiau Castle was repulsed with difficulty, Schaaken began to play a more prominent role in protecting the border and the coast. When by 1285 the conquest of Prussia had ended, the Order had a new, more powerful enemy – pagan Lithuania. In response to the invasion of the Order, the Lithuanians also repeatedly raided Prussia. A number of castles were built in order to prevent the breakthrough of the Lithuanians through the Curonian Lagoon. This military chain included Schaaken. Schaaken Castle, unlike most of the Order’s castles, had an almost round perimeter. Since 1331 Schaaken was the center of the kammeramt and the residence of the chamberlain, who controled the castle and the nearby territory of Sambia. And since 1397 it became a part of Koenigsberg commandery. In 1697, part of the Great Russian Embassy, which was heading to Western Europe, arrived in Schaaken. And on November 11, 1711 in Schaaken, on the way to Russia, Peter the Great and Catherine stayed for the night. The royal couple also traveled in Schaaken in 1712 and 1717. The castle was the demesne of royal and then imperial dynasty. Since 1918 Schaaken and its lands became the property of the state and were rented out until 1945. The castle was not damaged during military operations in 1945. A collective farm stable was settled on its territory and existed until the early 1960s. Then, the castle was given for housing, and utility rooms were used as households. In the 1980s, only one family lived in the castle and used the rooms still livable. 
You will have the opportunity not only to see the walls of the castle, but also the preserved cellars, as well as ride horses and visit the tavern. In addition, the castle is located near the coast of the bay, for the protection of which it was intended.



Guryevsk district, Nekrasovo Village, Tsentralnaya Street


+7(906) 211-73-00

+7(900) 349-2277


10.00-18.00 (daily)

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