Dozens of different cultural events are held every day in Kaliningrad. These are exhibitions and festivals, concerts and championships, competitions and a variety of master classes.  

Here we will talk about the most interesting and large-scale events in Kaliningrad.

Every year Kaliningraders and guests of the city can visit festivals and championships, such as:  



"Kaliningrad City Jazz" is a large summer festival of mixed format (concerts + jam sessions), a favorite festival of residents and guests of the city.

In 2018, the festival "Kaliningrad City Jazz" traditionally will be held in the Summer Theater of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Performances of musicians are scheduled for 3, 4 and 5 August.


"Kaliningrad City Jazz" is much more than just good music.

International Music Festival

In the festival program of this season - world stars, neighbors and overseas guests, shocking and classic, a lot of surprises.



"Baltic Debuts" is an annual review of the best debut works of the directors of the countries of the Baltic region and Northern Europe against the background of the latest achievements of Russian cinema and in the context of the debuts of famous figures of the world cinema.

The film festival has become a playground, where novice actors, directors, producers of the world's largest cinematography claiming to be in the world.

from 8 to 13 July at the Variety Theater "Yantar Hall"

The XV International Film Festival "Baltic Debuts" with the participation of filmmakers from ten countries will be held in July in Svetlogorsk resort.

International Film Festival

Honorary guests of the forthcoming festival will be famous filmmakers and actors from Russia and abroad



"Vocal KiViN" is the annual musical festival of KVN teams, which was held initially in Moscow, then in Jurmala, and from 2015 to the present time it is held in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region.

The festival differs from the usual KVN game by the fact that the teams play only one competition - a musical contest, and instead of evaluations they get special awards from the jury members and from Alexander Maslyakov - "KiViNs".

From July 20 to July at the Variety Theater "Yantar Hall"

"Vocal KiViN — 2018" will be held in Svetlogorsk from July 20 to 22 in the theater of the stage "Yantar Hall"

"Vocal KiViN — 2018"

Members of the jury are well-known figures of television, cinema and variety.


FESTIVAL OF a short films "KOROCHE"

In short - the festival of short films is the shortest way for young enthusiasts and film professionals to lead producer companies. The goal of the project is to give a powerful cultural impetus to the entire region and become the main "scout" in the search for talented domestic filmmakers from all over the country.

The festival was founded by the leaders of the Russian film industry.

From August 17 to August 19, the sixth Russian short film festival "Koroche" will be held in Kaliningrad. Participants of the festival are directors of short-length films. Spectators can enjoy not only films, but also installations, live music. End the festival with an open-air concert.

CITY PICNIC «Street Food Weekend»

The International Festival "Urban Picnic Street Food Weekend" is one of the brightest events of the Russian Baltic coast.

Last year, the festival attracted more than 60,000 guests to the historical and cultural center of the city, on the island of Kant. This year, the location will remain the same, but the event will survive another transformation.

For three days on the island of Kant more than forty streetfood projects from Russia, the Baltic States and Western Europe will gather.

Street Food is a unique opportunity to watch how your food is prepared.

Live music and dancing, active sports, yoga, quests, intellectual and active games and popular science lectures are waiting for guests.


This is the brightest and most beautiful event of the year. According to the estimates of the Russian Pyrotechnic Association, the championship is one of the largest conducted in the Russian Federation.

III world championship of fireworks in 2018 will be held in Kaliningrad, on the territory of the island "October", the adjacent territory of the stadium "Kaliningrad. In the days of the WCHF, an animation and entertainment program, street food, attractions are planned. A concert of Russian and foreign artists is planned before the performance of the teams-participants of the WCHF.

The first World Championship of Fireworks was held in Zelenogradsk in 2016. For four days the show was visited by about 150 thousand people. In 2017, the championship gathered more than 200 thousand spectators.



The festival "Amber necklace" is a large regional cultural event, traditionally held in Kaliningrad every two years in spring or early summer. The organizers of the festival are the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Kaliningrad Region and the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic.

One of the oldest festivals, it takes more than 30 years. Within the framework of this event you can hear and see opera, ballet and performances of different genre orchestras.

Given the rich past of Kaliningrad, it is not surprising that military historical festivals are held regularly there.


Festival of historical reconstruction of the Viking Age "Kaup"

The festival of historical reconstruction "Kaup" acquaints guests with the history of the Kaliningrad region of the 9th-11th centuries AD, with the times of the formation of Russia. Describes the customs and peoples inhabiting these lands, the way from the Varangians to the Greeks; about the life and battles of the Vikings. On the territory of the festival, a number of interactive sites are functioning on a regular basis: forge, potters, carpenters, children's military ground, contact zoo, archeological excavations, kayak rafting, shooting range and much more.


Military-historical festival "Battle of Gumbinnen"

The festival "Battle of Gumbinnen" is devoted to the participation of Russia in the First World War and will be held on the field near the village of Lermontovo, where during the war the rear of the 8th German army was located. Reconstruction of the battle takes place on the field of the heroic events that unfolded on the Eastern Front on August 20, 1914. 

Also in Kaliningrad numerous celebrations of various subjects are celebrated. Especially favorite are:


"Kaliningrad Day"

The brightest and largest city holiday. They usually celebrate two days in a row. It is accompanied by carnival processions, concerts of Russian stars, various fairs, knight battles, sports tournaments and other entertainments for every taste.


«Day of the Navy and Baltiysk Day»

For Kaliningrad and, in particular, Baltiysk, this is a special holiday. Kaliningraders celebrate Navy Day at the main naval base of the Baltic Fleet. Annually in honor of this event there is a parade of ships of the Baltic Fleet, to look at which come not only residents of the entire Kaliningrad region, but also visitors from other regions.

The program, by tradition, includes the ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to Peter the Great, the solemn opening ceremony of the holiday dedicated to the Day of the Navy and the parade.

The guests also have a theatrical performance, a concert of the vocal-instrumental ensemble and other festive events dedicated to the Day of the Navy and the Baltiysk Day.


«Day of Herring»

April is the month when the Museum of the World Ocean celebrates its birthday and invites all residents and guests of the city to celebrate it together. For its visitors museum workers came up with a hilarious holiday Herring Day. The first time it was more than ten years ago. And it so happened that the project liked Kaliningradians, who, like all the Baltic people, respect the most popular fish - herring.

So, here are gathered the most vivid and impressive holidays, which are worth visiting at least once. In our festival city you will find a perfectly organized space for your holidays and meetings with friends.