Youth Theatre "Molodezniy"

Youth Theatre "Molodezhniy" ( Tilzit-theatre). 



5, Teatralnaya St., Sovetsk, the Kaliningrad Region


+7 (40161) 3 21 52


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Youth Theatre "Molodezniy"
The Tilzit Theatre was called after the town, in which it was situated. The town itself acquired the name Tilzit in the 13th century during the Teutonic Knights' millitary campaignes in Prussia.
The theatre was built in 1893 on donations from Tilzit citizens. The German Municipal theatre was found in this building till 1945.

After the end of the Second World War the Kaliningrad region became a part of Russia, and Tilzit  was renamed as Sovetsk. The town is situated at the river Neman on the border with Lithuanian Republic. 

In 1956 the play "the Infinite Source" by D. Zorin marked the foundation of the professional Drama Theatre in the town of Sovetsk. The theatre was run by famous stage directors: Alexsander Brodetskiy, Boris Kodokolovich, since 1991 for twenty years the main stage director was Honored  Worker of Arts of the RF Evgeniy Marchelli, who created a new image of the Tilzit Theatre.

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