The Friedland Gate Museum



30, Dzerzhinskogo St.


+7 (4012) 64 40 20


Discounts on entry tickets: 10% for adults, 20% for schoolchildren, students, pensioners

The Friedland Gate Museum

The Museum of the city history "Friedland gate" is situated in the fortification srtructure, the XIX century architectual monument  of the same name. In 2017 Friedland Gate has celebrated 155th aniversary and the museum complex 15th aniversary.

Due to the interesting multi-cultural  history that reckons almost 8 centuries of a vivid life the museum has presented the expositions, which reveal the events from the Teutonic knights (1255) to the first immigrants of the Kaliningrad Region after the second World War. 

In every exhibition hall different approaches for compiling expositions are implied. The expositions composed with the help of art and media means and collections of showpieces allow a visitor to immerse in the city life with its developed infrastructure in different periods. The museum "Friedland Gate" focus on the innovation technologies, broaden exposition activities and develop museum pedagogy with the use of interactive programs. 

Today the museum extensively develop and continue to take part in grant and competition programs to realize topical projects of cultural and social significance.

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