20 Meridians cafe

It is a cafe of Kaliningrad and European cuisine.



24B, Volodarskogo St., Zelenogradsk


+7 (905) 242 43 45



7% discount on meals

20 Meridians cafe

The cafe in the 20 Meridians hotel comprises two dining halls as well as an open-air terrace. The small dining hall boasts a unique atmosphere of the underwater world and the large dining hall overlooks the Baltic Sea. The open-air terrace is styled as an ancient ship. 

At the wish of the customer we cook exclusive dishes: differen kinds of fish such as salmon, pike perch, pike, trout, sturgeon, tiger shrimps and other seafood, as well as dishes of the Koenigsberg cuisine and many others.

Guest card's discounts can not be combined with other offers.

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