Food 餐饮

Food 餐饮

Main Restaurant Local
12:00-23:45 Svetlogorsk

Restoran lokal'noy Baltiyskoy kukhni. LOCAL BALTIC FOOD – eto osobaya filosofiya yedineniya s prirodoy, uvazhitel'nogo prinyatiya yeye darov i torzhestva vkusa k zhizni.

Main Gastroar "The Salt"
12:00–23:00 1500-1700

The restaurant received the main award of the Pumpernikel 2019 restaurant award from Baltic Broadway magazine.

Main Steindamm, 99
1000 Kaliningrad

A place with a history and concept of local cuisine without a mainstream.

"Steindamm, 99" is the concentration of Kaliningrad's mentality in the gastronomic and cultural sense.

Main Restaurant "Rybniy club"

The fish restaurant Rybniy Club (fishing club) is located on the territory of the hotel "Shkipperskaya". In  that very place you have a wonderful view of the quite course of the Old Pregolya River. In the warm season, the restaurant opens a summer terrace for visitors.

Main Da

The restaurant "Da" is a place, first of all, modern, from the point of view of the atmosphere and the gastronomic offer.

Main "Solnechniy kamen"
12.00-02.00 Kaliningrad

Restaurant "Solnechiy kamen" is located in Rossgarten gate which was saved from Middle Ages and was built in 1705. It is an architectual monument which was a part of old town defense system.

Main Restaurant "Madam Bushe"

The French restaurant "Madame Boucher" is located on two floors of the observation tower and has a magnificent view of the Cathedral and the island of Kant. The menu here is small but exquisite: soups, hot meat and fish dishes, snacks, desserts. There are also live evening chamber music.

Main Restaurant "Kaiser Wurst".

Kaiser Wurst is a restaurant where visitors will plunge into the gastronomic atmosphere of old Koenigsberg and will complement their impressions about life, culture and cuisine of East Prussia. The restaurant keeps for you national Prussian recipes - fragrant pretzel, traditional German sausages, elite varieties of German beer - all this and much more you can try in the restaurant "Kaiser Wurst".

Main Restaurant "Usadba"

"Usadba" is a countryside restaurant in the city of Kaliningrad. This is an old mansion of German barons. In the short summer season, the pride of the restaurant - the summer terrace creates its own particular world. Warm blankets are indispensable attributes of a cool evening. Organization and carrying out of banquets and parties is one more our specialization.

Main Restaurant "Parmesan"

Trattoria Parmesan - is a family restaurant with homemade Italian cuisine, in the menu there are simple "village" dishes, recipes which are collected from all over Italy. In Parmesan for kids, a special menu is presented, there is a children's room with animation, educational games and entertainment.

Main Chesnok
500 rub. Kaliningrad

The first restaurant in Kaliningrad of a new type!

The restaurant works on the system FAIR PRICE - HONEST PRICE.

Main Langendorf

The restaurant is located in the castle estate Langendorf and represents all the luxuries of a manor life