Amber 琥珀色

Observation deck of the Amber Plant (Primorsky pit)

Observation deck of the Amber Plant
Observation deck of the Amber Plant (photo 1)
Observation deck of the Amber Plant (photo 2)
Observation deck of the Amber Plant (photo 3)

Observation deck of the Primorsky career

In 2017, a new multifunctional complex with a pavilion for trade in amber souvenirs and products was created at the tourist display facility of the Observation Deck of the Primorsky Karyer enterprise. The observation platform was reconstructed, allowing in real time to observe the work in the amber quarry from a height of more than 50 meters. On the territory of the complex there are numerous attractions and models that will be of interest to both adults and children. An additional observation tower has been erected. Organized photozone, including the use of historical costumes. Men can try on medieval armor and cloaks of knights of the Teutonic Order, and women can dress in costumes of medieval beautiful ladies.

Interesting amber art objects are set on the open-air platform. Here is the real Amber Pyramid, the creation of which took more than 700 kg of solar stone, which works wonders and has a beneficial effect on human health. Also, you can see the Amber Tree and many more unusual and interesting things.

The program of independent stay at the facility (stay during the day is not limited) provides for familiarization with modern technology for the extraction of amber by open pit mining (the object is equipped with the necessary annotation material placed on special information boards) and exit to a specially equipped observation deck, from which a magnificent panorama opens. Seaside career.

The “Staratel” attraction provides an opportunity for every visitor (regardless of age) to independently engage in “mining” amber in an “open way”, receive a diploma from “Amber Prospector” and take a small gift with him to the memory of his visit to the viewing platform (found lucky) amber.

The “Mine Anna” model gives visitors the opportunity to visualize exactly how the first mines on the Baltic Sea coast were organized, talks about the extraction of amber in a closed way.

Layout "Hangman" is set to organize photography, including using adults and children of medieval costumes (knight, executioner, monk). It allows you to "visually" acquaint visitors of the site with the Middle Ages and inform them about the order of the extraction of amber, which existed during the time when the knights of the Teutonic Order were domineering in these lands.

On site, a well-appointed recreation area and an open-air cafe are organized for visitors, where you can taste the famous local pastries, enjoy hot and cold drinks, and watch a documentary about the work of a quarry in modern conditions.

The object of the tourist show is the observation deck of the Primorsky career:

Address: Kaliningrad region, pgt. Yantarny, Primorskoye field (landmark - the administrative building of the quarry management of the plant)

Operation mode:

Monday - Sunday from 09.00. until 5 pm (no lunch break).

Draw your attention to!

Schedule Cafe multifunctional complex facility:

Tuesday - Saturday: from 09.00 to 17.00. (no lunch break)

Sunday - Monday: day off



Yantarniy village, Primorskoye mestorozhdeniye


+7 (4012) 31 08 52

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