Kaliningrad is a small russian area in Europe, which has its own gastronomic history.

The culinary history of our region was formed over the course of seven centuries, by people of different nationalities - this was promoted by the Teutonic Order, the territory of which was very attractive for immigrants.

The neighborhood of the Baltic states also contributed, but the basis of local culinary features was still German cuisine.

So, what's worth trying in the westernmost region of Russia.

Königsberger meatballs

This meat dish of German cuisine is similar to meatballs in cream-capers sauce. Königsberg meatballs are not fried, not stewed or baked, but cooked in broth, and then brought to the ready in the sauce already mentioned. Serve usually with boiled potatoes or rice.

One of the most popular national dishes in Germany!

The recipe for Kaliningradians has long been mastered, so that you can try Koenigsberg Klopse in many restaurants in the city.

Königsberger Fleck

Another dish, which gained fame in the XVI century. Fleck was an East Prussian hot dish of beef croquet, abundantly spiced with spices. This is a very ancient dish, which became truly a national dish in the 16th century.

You could send it to Koenigsberg not only in restaurants and pubs, but also in markets, at the corners of the streets, where the cooks offered a fragrant "cup of a flack just a dittchen".

Königsberger marcipans

For the first time the marzipans appeared in Koenigsberg in 1526 as a gift for the wedding of Duke Albrecht and the Danish princess Dorothea. And it was the Koenigsberg marzipan that later became the Koenigsberg brand, along with the Koenigsberg bugs and fleck, and the East Prussia export hit.

There were these exotic delicacies in the form of a heart, with a sugar mass inside and candied fruits from the outside. The highlight of marzipan was the bitter nuts heart, grated with sweet almonds. Experts of this delicacy preferred the Kenigsberg marzipan, the main difference of which is a baked golden crust.

And now the marzipan is in demand as a symbol of Kaliningrad - it is happily taken by tourists in memory of our region, rich in all respects.

Baltic eel and other no less tasty fish

Baltic eel

This is a fish landmark of the region. The taste of the eel is well known. Eel can be boiled, fried, marinated and even dried. But it is especially good in smoked form. This is a delicacy, which is served at the most exquisite banquets and receptions.


Another smoked, which is worth trying. According to reviews, the taste of this delicacy is amazing.


Correctly cooked, it's just gorgeous. For gourmets among other fish dishes, she has no equal. Tasting a pike in a variety of variations is best in a fish restaurant.

Stroganina out of bonito

Such a fish dish can be tried only in Kaliningrad. Also stroganina could be out of salmon and even deer!


Delicious and delicate treat of the Baltic region. Many people buy smoked bream as a souvenir.